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All about us!

Our Story. . . . Award Winning SASS.

Yes...There really are TWO Sisters!

The young SASS Sisters, Lauri and Carol Raymond.! The more recent SASS Sisters, Lauri and Carol Raymond.!
Twin sisters, Lauri & Carol Raymond.

Sisters & Company was established as a partnership in October 1987.

In January, 1988, twin sisters Carol and Lauri Raymond began producing, marketing and distributing a fresh salad dressing/sauce/marinade, their original flavor, Sesame-Garlic SASS.

SASS stands for "Season All Stuff Sauce", because it is so versatile - it's not just a salad dressing! We use fresh garlic in our salad dressings because its so good and good for you!

Check out our SASS RECIPE page for some delicious easy ideas to add SASS to your cooking.

"Everyone thinks we must be great cooks because we make these fantastic products" says Carol Raymond, "but we really did it because who has time to cook? We wanted to make something special without junk in it, that you can splash on anything to make it taste great. Something good, fast and healthy.

The Sisters began distributing SASS in Austin, Texas through health food stores and a few locally owned upscale markets. With its fresh ingredients, lack of additives and no artificial preservatives, it was ideal for produce departments, delis or dairy cases.

In February of 1998, Lemon-Song SASS came along, and was developed using a recipe brought to them by an Austin musician, Feli Almestica, whose personal medical healing has been attributed to the sea herbs and lemon juice that he combined in this delicious, highly nutritious fresh lemon salad dressing. For more...

Then, in May of 2001, Sisters acquired Martin Brothers Fresh Dressings, another excellent line of all-natural, fresh salad dressings. Now all 10 wonderful fresh salad dressings, sauces and dips are under the umbrella of Sisters & Brothers, Inc.

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The Company

The Raymond Sisters & the Martin Brothers signing the contract which made their two salad dressing  companies become one!
Carol Raymond, Karl Martin, Lauri Raymond & Jeff Martin.

In a contract-signing party which could be described as typically Texas, two Austin-based natural salad dressing companies became one in a move which has been a long time coming.

During the negotiations, the Sisters became even bigger fans of the Martin Brothers when they saw that both companies share a commitment to using high-quality, all-natural ingredients and making their fresh salad dressings and sauces in a socially responsible way. “We just kept shaking our heads and saying, ‘They remind me of us!’” Carol laughs.

The Martin brothers and Raymond sisters, friendly competitors since the mid-eighties, have often discussed becoming one company. The time was finally right.

Dancing Rabbits

Twin sisters Lauri and Carol Raymond of Sisters & Company, makers of  SASS Fresh Dressings acquired the Martin Brothers Salad Dressings brand from brothers Jeff and Karl Martin on Friday afternoon, May 11, 2001 in a celebration that included photos, champagne, and of course, chips and salsa!

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SASS Vision Statement

The owners and employees of Sisters & Brothers, Inc. are dedicated to providing unique, healthy, delicious foods made with high-quality ingredients and serving customers in every way we can. While doing this, we act responsibly and are successful.

Acting responsibly means:

We act according to these principals: champagne toasting rabbit Being successful means:

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Sesame-Garlic Sass wins first place in the oil, vinegar and salad dressing category in the New York Fancy Food Show.

Sesame Garlic SASS wins first place in the oil, vinegar and salad dressing category in the New York Fancy Food Show.

In July of 1997, Sisters & Company had a booth at their first national trade show in New York City at the New York Fancy Food and Confections Show presented by the prestigious National Association of Specialty Food Trade.

As participants, they were allowed to enter one product into the awards composcar rabbitetition for free. They chose their top dressing, Sesame Garlic SASS fresh dressing, and were delighted and gratified to win First Place in the Oil, Vinegar and Salad Dressing Category!

Sesame Garlic SASS fresh dressing is the flavor that started it all and has always been a top seller! One taste and you'll know why... and SASS is perfect for salads, splashing in your stirfry, or as a marinade for your grill. Yumm! A great garlic dressing!

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